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    Fishing Tour: Catch of the Day

    Saranda, Albania is a great place for seafood and the Albanian Riviera is rich with a large variety of fish species!

    So. if you like fishing, this private fishing trip is a must-do when you visit Saranda.

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    Discover the Best of Albania ❤ - A 10 Day Tour

    If you are truly looking for an affordable vacation that encompasses all of the best Albania has to offer... then we have the tour for you!

    This Tea Tours exclusive ten day tour will take you throughout Albania to experience the best sites, the culture and history of this country. In addition, the beautiful beaches and the amazing traditional food! 

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    Visit the National Park of Blue Eye (Syri i Kaltër)

    Situated just outside Saranda (only about a 30 minute drive) is the natural water spring, Blue Eye. It is a popular tourist destination with intense blue water, lush tropical greenery and the home to many brilliant blue colored dragon flies. It is a truly beautiful site to visit and a great place for the whole family to enjoy! 

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    Tea Tours now offers Camping Sites!

    When traveling it is important to consider the accommodation needs of all of our guests, and while we here at Tea Tours can help you find a beautiful hotel or apartment to enjoy during your visit to Albania, we can also offer you a beautiful place to set up camp as well!

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